New York Green Industry Council

About Us

The New York Green Industry Council (NYGIC), formerly known as NY Alliance for Environmental Concerns (NYAFEC) is a non-profit organization committed to advocating the environmental and economic benefits of a unified green industry.

NYGIC was formed amid the realization that the green industry would be more effective by joining separate environmental horticultural industry groups together to pursue common goals and interests. The purpose of NYGIC is to unite the individual efforts of these organizations to better coordinate activities, to educate lawmakers, policymakers and the public, to serve as a clearinghouse of information, to pursue legislative goals and actively participate in the regulatory process, while promoting the many benefits derived from environmental horticulture in New York.

As a science-based organization, we consistently monitor the scientific community to acquire new information on the products that we utilize.

In 2006 NYGIC directors began a discussion with industry stakeholders to examine ways to better communicate with our New York State Legislature. It soon became apparent that there was a wide consensus that a political action committee would provide an effective complement to our work. From those discussions came the organization of GREENPAC, New York State Green Industry Political Action Committee.

“NYAFEC is involved in every issue that affects the practice of Integrated Pest Management in New York. They have consistently shown their ability to influence decisions favorable to our industry and a very effective system of communicating vital information and news to all corners of the state as it happens.”

Daniel Van Starrenburg, President of SavATree/SavALawn
–A major corporate sponsor with customers throughout the state and a long history of industry advocacy

Collectively, NYGIC membership organizations represent approximately 4,000 green industry professionals.

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